USB GEN 1 (5 Gbps) Schakelaar

€ 189,00

  • Productcode: US3344I-AT
The US3344I is a 4-port USB3.1 Gen1 Industrial Switch that enables 4 computers to share the use USB3.1 Gen1 devices, such as keyboard, mouse and other peripheral devices. The peripheral focus can be given to a computer manually by using pushbutton on the switch. It eliminates the cost the implement the complicate redundant systems and equipments for each computer. The US3344I chassis and rack mountable design is suitable for industrial environment. For extra convenience, it features an external remote control port that can simplify cabling layout via traditional RS-422/RS-485 signals. The US3344I allows for a neat and tidy installation -The USB cables are bundled to save the extra cost of purchasing USB cables.

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