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DPX 30 : Duplexer/antenna combiner for scanners and wideband receivers
Modern wide band scanners have frequency ranges covering 100 kHz up to 2000 MHz and more. Unfortunately, most receivers have only a single antenna input socket for the complete frequency range.Antennas covering that vast range and giving uniform performance on all frequencies simply don't exist; the demands for shortwave antennas differ completely from VHF/UHF antennas and vice-versa. The DPX 30 makes it possible to combine the signals of a separate shortwave- and a separate VHF/UHF antenna to the single antenna input of the receiver without mutual influence. If only the VHF-UHF output is used, itprevents shortwave overload of wideband hand-held scanners connected to a discone or other VHF/UHF
outdoor antenna. The greatest advantage of the DPX 30 compared to other duplexers is that there is no gap in which reception is impossible.

Frequency range: 0 - 30 MHz and 30 - 2000 MHz combined to a single output from 0 to 2000 MHz
No dead bands or blocked frequencies
Ultra low loss, typical < 0.3 dB
Isolation between the antennas : > 50 dB
Passive, no intermodulation
DC leak path allows static discharges flow harmless to ground
Handy plug-on design, no extra coaxial cables required

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