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AA - 1 Antenna adapter for portable receivers

Most portable receivers are equipped with a telescopic whip-antenna. But the interference field of computer,light dimmer and other noise sources inside the house prevents weak signal reception.
Connecting an external antenna or extending the whip- antenna will often cause overloading and intermodulation: most portables are too sensitive for a large outdoor antenna.
The AA - 1 antenna adapter is a special matching transformer which allows a proper matched connection of an external antenna to the non-extended whip antenna of any portable.
A variable 0 - 50 dB attenuator allows to control how much signal gets into the receiver, just under the overloading point.
The antenna and receiver are completely separated, the signal transfer to the receiver is by means of a magnetic field.
This RF Systems Magnetic Transfer technology reduces static and man-made noise and protects your receiver from static damage.

Frequency range 100 kHz - 30 MHz
External antenna input : 50 Ohm
Gain adjustment range: 0 to - 50 dB

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