Hond Kat en Vogel Verjager

Hond Kat en Vogel Verjager

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Hond Kat en Vogel Verjager

Artikelnummer: 63216

Productspecificaties Isotronic Hond Kat en Vogel Verjager

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Effective range 150 m²


Various tone signal like aggressive dog bark, eagle voice or pistol shot selectable, rejects dogs, cats, birds, foxes and so on from your garden or outdoor area
The integrated motion detector detects the animals at an angle of 120 ° and a range of approximately 8 metres.
As soon as the motion detector is tripped by a passing animal, this device generates acoustic and a bright light signal that startles the animal is automatically.
GUNSHOT: Sound of gunshot (especially for wild animals) EAGLE: Voice of eagle (enemy of many animals. like birds for e.g.)
DOGBARK: Voice of dogs (enemy of many animals, like cats for e.g.)

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