CATV Versterker 20 dB 47-862 MHz 3 Uitgangen

€ 49,95

  • Productcode: F2335457
You can call it the industry's first intelligent antenna. It's built for both UHF and VHF, which means it can handle DVB-T2 so that you can receive HD channels with perfect clear view. Weak signals are getting stronger, while strong signals attenuated. The amplifier is of extreme low noise built into the antenna housing. This is obviously the point of the amplifier allows the maximum benefit. In the HF-tight house is a 4-layer amplifier board with advanced automatic AGC. This means that the antenna always delivers maximum performance whether the signal momentarily too weak or too strong. We call this BOSS-technology (Balanced Output Signal System)
To avail amplifier and AGC, the antenna must be supplemented with a 12 volt power supply F2335457. Without power supply works only passively.

• Higher performance with new patented dipole
• Surge protection through patented technology with grounded elements
• Built-in amplifier with AGC / attenuator
• HF-proof box for less interference
• Asymmetric bars less soil disturbance